Hulk Smash!

So on Saturday night I went to watch the new Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron. Being a big Marvel fan and highly enjoying Avengers Assemble it was fair to say I had my expectations fairly high.

After watching the trailers for the latest instalment to the marvel collection, I was a bit sceptical at the whole Hulk vs Iron Man, however this is nicely incorporated into the story and creates an enjoyable fight scene. While the film is obviously focused on the Avengers and mainly the main protagonist Iron Man, there a number of new characters who make nice additions to the ensemble such as Elizabeth Olsen who plays the sexy Scarlet Witch, an artificially created villain waving her arms around to create a fury of mind-bending  bewitchment.

An element of the film I particularly enjoyed was the relationship between the avengers on screen, especially the growing friendship between Captain America and Thor, the awkward romance between Black Widow and Hulk, not so much. In the first film we saw quite a hostile relationship between the Avengers, however in Age Of Ultron, it seems as if there is a good harmony between the group. Coupled with a number of gags and fizzing chemistry, the team makes a strong connection with the audience.

One criticism I have of the film is that the action is too fast paced. There were a number of scenes where so much was going on all at once, meaning we were not able to appreciate the might of Thor’s hammer ploughing into the skull of an enemy to its full extent. That said, the film opens with a delightful scene of utter anarchy of which we see the Avengers storm a Hydra fortress, setting the film off to an explosive start. There are plenty of entertaining action scenes throughout, however I’d have liked to have seen them at a slower pace.

I felt that there was a good balance on screen, the whole concept of the film was straightforward to understand and easy to grasp, however in some parts some prior Marvel knowledge is required (for those of you who do not know, the Avengers was created in 1963 in response to DC comic’s Justice League). 

Overall, Avengers Age Of Ultron is a much welcomed addition to the Marvel collection and I’m excited to see what else they bring to the table in years to come.