My Top 5 Video Games of the Year

As 2015 draws to a close, I look back at my top 5 video games of the year!

5. Forza Motorsport 6 
I’ve been a huge fan of the Forza series since the beginning and it seems that with every game they make, it just keeps on getting better and better! With more than 450 cars available and awesome new weather dynamics, is what make it the best Forza game to date. There is nothing more satisfying than nudging your opponent into a puddle of standing water, before they spin off track for you to take home gold!

4. Splatoon

Splatoon is like a lighthearted version of Call of Duty except with more paint, more laughs and all round more fun! The success and response Splatoon has received has placed it as one of Nintendo’s most successful games of recent years and has definitely helped aid the Wii U cause. It’s nice to see Nintendo stepping aside from the usual powerhouses such as Mario etc and create something fresh and appealing to all.

3. Just Cause 3

Chaos. That is the one word required to describe this game. The Just Cause series returned this year with its third instalment and it’s clear that chaos is in abundance! Its huge map means that there is plenty to do and the range of methods you can use to take out enemy personal will keep you entertained for hours! Maybe you’ll take the all guns blazing approach and attack the enemy base via chopper to then parachute down and shoot ‘em up or maybe you’ll take the crazy approach and drive straight through the front door with a goat tied to your bonnet. The possibilities are endless.

2. Star Wars Battlefront

I was looking forward to the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront 2 for nearly 10 years, so when this was finally released I couldn’t contain my excitement! A lack of campaign and no prequel content was somewhat off putting, yet I didn’t take care I was looking forward to once again pilot an X-Wing and taking out some Imperial scum! And you can do exactly that. This game is full of nostalgia and any Star Wars fan will love the lengths they can go to, to help create some of the most iconic moments of the films. Star Wars Battlefront all in all is a great return of the franchise and I will be certainly keeping an eye on the DLC to come.

1. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is easily one of the best value for money games I have ever seen. I’ve put in about 60 odd hours of games time into it since getting it and yet still it feels like new and exciting thinks can happen at any time. Apart from the exploration of the jam packed open world, another extremely pleasing aspect of the game is the crafting available to players, players are able to build buildings or crafting drugs or medicines. Fallout 4 opens up the realms of possibility to what’s available to players and the longevity of the game and the quality it maintains throughout is what gives it the title of my game of the year.

Other games narrowly missing the cut include Metal Gear Solid 5, Batman Arkham Knight, Super Mario Maker and The Witcher 3.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ianrl1989 says:

    Great list. I wish a little dissappointed with Battlefront myself, really wish it was closer to the original titles rather than Battlefield, but it’s good fun. 2015 was a good year in gaming, but 2016 looks like it my be pretty amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chazzabrown says:

      Cheers dude. Yeah I know what you mean, still they’ve done a great job visually, the graphics are second to none! Im especially looking forward to Far Cry Primal and Tom Clancy’s The Division in 2016! Happy New Year!


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