Deadpool Review

So on Valentine’s Day I did the most romantic thing possible, I took my girlfriend to see Deadpool. You may be thinking where’s the romance, but in fact Deadpool is actually a love story, Deadpool even says so himself!

Deadpool follows the classic superhero story – the evil villain kidnaps the girl and the hero sets out to rescue her. The extra ingredients added to this simple recipe like the gory violence and crude humour are what really sets it apart from the rest of the other superhero movies.

Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Deadpool is first class. I honestly don’t think anyone else could have done a better job at capturing the whole Deadpool character, you can really tell that Reynolds clearly enjoys playing the role. The additions Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are fun inclusions and I hope to see them in future Marvel films.

If I were to be in anyway critical of the film, the only issue I have is that, in my opinion, there could have been more action scenes. There were times when I thought the focus was more on creating a rich backstory for Deadpool when I wanted to see him kicking some more ass! But to be honest I thought the balance was fair and the depth of the background to Wade Wilson made him a more likeable character.

All in all, Deadpool is an absolutely fantastic film, it’s safe to say in terms of my expectations it went above and beyond, and right up Main Street!

Rating: 8.2 / 10


Lego Marvel Avengers Handheld Review

Having reviewed the console version of Marvel Lego Avengers, I thought it was only fair to review the handheld as this feels like a completely different game compared to that of the console version…

The handheld version of Lego Marvel Avengers is arguably one of the best Lego games to date. Whilst the game follows the story of only Avengers Assemble and Age of Ultron and lacks as much content as its console cousin, handheld Lego Marvel Avengers is well polished off and sets the bar for future handheld games.

One major welcomed addition to the handheld collection of Lego games is the open world hub of Manhattan available to players. This is a slightly smaller scale of the hub on console however highly impressive none the less. There’s plenty to do in the hub too including an eight part quest to keep you busy. The hub also acts as a pathway between a levels in a number of instances and this keeps a nice flow to the game.

Visually this game is very impressive. On the 3DS the gameplay looks as good as a Lego game for the 3DS is going to look, whilst on the PS Vita the graphics are beautiful! This is definitely the best looking Lego game to come to handheld. The handheld version houses a fairly impressive roster of characters as well, with other 100 playable characters available!

Overall, Lego Marvel Avengers for 3DS and PS Vita is a total triumph. One major reason as to why this game is top value for money is that it does not feel like a scaled down version from console, it feels well balanced and a perfect fit for handheld. I would highly recommend it to all handheld gamers!

Lego Marvel Avengers Console Review

Lego Marvel Avengers holds a lot of personal value to me. I was lucky enough to actually be a tester on this game whilst it was in the development stages. For the most part I spent my time on the handheld version, however during the last few months of the project I went over to console. However this is not a biased review of the game, far from it in fact…

The console version of Lego Marvel Avengers is arguably one of the worst Lego games to date. From the offset Lego Avengers appears to be a breath of fresh air for Lego games with a number of new hub worlds added and sweet new combo moves which can be teamed up by any two characters. However, when you delve deeper into the game it is plain to see that this is simply a reskin of past Lego titles. 

The levels in the game follow the storyline of Avengers Assemble, Age of Ultron, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America First Avenger and Captain America Winter Soldier. The levels themselves, in my opinion, really do lack any challenge – I know this is a game aimed at kids however I do believe it is lacking the fun challenges and puzzles of past Lego games.

The main hub of the game is set in Manhattan and in the latest instalment it’s clear to see that this is almost a carbon copy of the Manhattan hub from its predecessor back in 2013. A few nice additions may look pretty but us fans want more! That being said, there is a definitely a lot more to do in this hub including a number of races, quests and battles.

A saving grace to this game is the vast number of characters available to play as, with over 150 playable characters ranging from the films to the comics. Avid Marvel fans will appreciate the characters that are grabbed from the darkest depths of the Marvel universe such as the gigantic Devil Dinosaur and the fantastic Gorilla Girl.

Overall, the console version of Lego Marvel Avengers is not Traveller’s Tales best creation to date however that being said, the vast number of characters available to the player and the finely polished teamwork finisher move save this from becoming a total disaster. In my opinion, if you’re thinking about getting this game but are unsure my advise would be that if you are a marvel fan or devoted collector of the Lego games then pick this up, otherwise I would wait for the highly anticipated Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens set for release later this year.


Marvel’s Civil War potential ending theory

With Marvel’s Civil War set to release later this year, I have come up with a potential ending to the film to set up nicely for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars:
The film will come to its climax in what appears to be the envitable fight scene between Captain America and Bucky Barnes against Iron Man. Cap and Bucky will be pummelling Iron Man and just about to finish him off when a portal opens right next to them. Thor then falls from the portal, severely bruised and beaten, covered in blood and gasping for air. He then proceeds to tell them that Asgard has fallen and Thanos is coming for them…
Whilst this is only an idea I’ve had playing around in my head, I do think that it potentially could be a good way to link in to Avengers: Infinity Wars without killing off any of the main cast. With both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr both contracted for more films following Civil War, this could be a clever way to tie them into future titles. This would also be a great platform for setting up Infinity Wars as it could pick up quickly where this left off.

Time will tell how the film really ends, but I’m hopeful that somehow they won’t kill off any of the main characters and manage to incorporate them into the next instalment of the MCU.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think of my theory in the comments!