Marvel’s Civil War potential ending theory

With Marvel’s Civil War set to release later this year, I have come up with a potential ending to the film to set up nicely for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars:
The film will come to its climax in what appears to be the envitable fight scene between Captain America and Bucky Barnes against Iron Man. Cap and Bucky will be pummelling Iron Man and just about to finish him off when a portal opens right next to them. Thor then falls from the portal, severely bruised and beaten, covered in blood and gasping for air. He then proceeds to tell them that Asgard has fallen and Thanos is coming for them…
Whilst this is only an idea I’ve had playing around in my head, I do think that it potentially could be a good way to link in to Avengers: Infinity Wars without killing off any of the main cast. With both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr both contracted for more films following Civil War, this could be a clever way to tie them into future titles. This would also be a great platform for setting up Infinity Wars as it could pick up quickly where this left off.

Time will tell how the film really ends, but I’m hopeful that somehow they won’t kill off any of the main characters and manage to incorporate them into the next instalment of the MCU.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think of my theory in the comments! 


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  1. swanpride says:

    I actually expect that Civil War won’t solve the conflict at all. I think in an ideal scenario, Civil War will be about how the conflict escalates to a point at which it seems as if the Avengers will never be mended again, with Cap and his people going underground. A situation which will prevail through the whole phase three until it will be solved in Infinity War I when Thanos turns up as the bigger threat.

    In my eyes that would be the only way to really capture the scale of Civil war. Plus, it will answer the question how they intend to fill two movies with the battle against one villain. The Avengers being divided might be what gives Thanos the opening to get all the stones in the first place.


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