Lego Marvel Avengers Handheld Review

Having reviewed the console version of Marvel Lego Avengers, I thought it was only fair to review the handheld as this feels like a completely different game compared to that of the console version…

The handheld version of Lego Marvel Avengers is arguably one of the best Lego games to date. Whilst the game follows the story of only Avengers Assemble and Age of Ultron and lacks as much content as its console cousin, handheld Lego Marvel Avengers is well polished off and sets the bar for future handheld games.

One major welcomed addition to the handheld collection of Lego games is the open world hub of Manhattan available to players. This is a slightly smaller scale of the hub on console however highly impressive none the less. There’s plenty to do in the hub too including an eight part quest to keep you busy. The hub also acts as a pathway between a levels in a number of instances and this keeps a nice flow to the game.

Visually this game is very impressive. On the 3DS the gameplay looks as good as a Lego game for the 3DS is going to look, whilst on the PS Vita the graphics are beautiful! This is definitely the best looking Lego game to come to handheld. The handheld version houses a fairly impressive roster of characters as well, with other 100 playable characters available!

Overall, Lego Marvel Avengers for 3DS and PS Vita is a total triumph. One major reason as to why this game is top value for money is that it does not feel like a scaled down version from console, it feels well balanced and a perfect fit for handheld. I would highly recommend it to all handheld gamers!


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  1. littlebirdiebird says:

    Shut up and take my money! *^*


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