Battlefield 1 Beta

The open beta for Battlefield 1 has been and gone and I must say, I’m very impressed! Being completely honest, I was already sold on this game – the trailers looked amazing, I’m already a huge fan of the Battlefield series and let’s face it, I think we’re all a bit sick of the futuristic shit pumped out to us year on year! Never the less I was still looking forward to getting a feel for the game and to see if it lived up to the hype. 

Recreating a World War 1 game with an authentic feel is no easy task, however what DICE have achieved is not short of perfect! From the sound effects to the uniforms and the old school rifles, this really does feel as if it is set during World War 1. I love the horses in the BF1 beta – there’s nothing more satisfying than charging at an enemy infantry via horseback before slicing their head off!

One of my favourite features of the beta is the changing environment, every so often, a sandstorm will appear out of nowhere! You can be stuck in no man’s land running from flag to flag, about to get picked off by a sniper when suddenly the sandstorm hits and you are saved! It almost makes it seem as if this is a completely new map, with visibility reduced to a minimum you don’t know what is going to be around the corner…

Obviously with it being a beta, it isn’t without glitches, of which I found plenty during my time playing the beta, however these should be ironed out before the full game is released. Another issue I hope that I hope the guys over at DICE address is the spawning, I found a number of times when I respawned I would be thrown out into the open, only to quickly be picked off by an enemy.

All things considered though, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Battlefield 1 open beta and I am look forward to getting my hands on it next month when the full game is released!


Chewie…we’re home!

Hello there! After some time away from my blog due to a busy couple of months of moving house, changing jobs etc, I’m back and more psyched than ever! They’ll be more sport, movie and video game talk headed this way shortly so stay tuned! That’s all for now, CB.