Football Manager Touch 17 Review

It’s that time of year again where football fans all over the World go into hibernation as the highly anticipated Football Manager was released last week! As I own a laptop which is from the 1950’s and cannot run the PC game I have been playing the fantastic FM Touch 17. Having played and thoroughly enjoyed last years FM Touch 16 I was eagerly anticipating playing the latest instalment.

Upon first playing I was surprised at how similar this years game was compared to last years, I know it’s hard to change a winning formula however I was expecting some minor adjustments. However when I delved into the game I found the minor changes, such as the social media influence, fantastic additions.

In comparison to the PC version there are a few things missing however this game is truly amazing! It offers a more streamlined version compared to PC yet offers in depth game analysis, a top quality scouting setup and highly detailed player reports. Having played PC versions in the past I felt as if the transition to go on to the Touch game was easy to pick up.

The only issue I have with this masterpiece is the licenses which Sega seem to have lost, there are no badges for 18 teams in the premier league which is incredibly frustrating- it feels as if I am playing a PES game from ten years ago! Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anyway to download a patch for this at the minute but I will be keeping me eyes out!

All in all, Football Manager Touch 17 is a is a steal at £15 and you will definitely get your monies worth! Stay tuned as I will be posting updates of my journey to stardom soon!


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