Hands on: Steep beta

Steep is an upcoming open-world extreme sports game from Ubisoft, set for release early next month. Earlier this year I signed up to the closed beta and since it went live on Thursday I have been playing it non-stop. The game comprises of skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying and paragliding and is set in the Alps and offers an open world for you to explore. 

Upon first playing, I’m surprised as to how much of an arcade feel the game has to it, somewhat feeling reminiscent of EA’s hit snowboarding game SSX, however this feeling soon goes as you clear through the basic tutorials. From here on you are then granted access to a number of different mountains to explore and take part in different challenges. The gameplay itself is fairly smooth and easy to grasp, however I feel as if the game is lacking in the ‘trick department’ as they are only a few basic tricks I have been able to do thus far. That being said, some of the most satisfying moments on the beta are simply gliding down to the bottom of the mountain without breaking stride at all

What I absolutely love is the amount of customizations available to you – from the brand of hat you wear to which GoPro you want equipped to your helmet, the options are seemingly endless! There is a sweet feature as well where you can switch your third person camera view to a first person view straight from the GoPro attached to your character!

Pre-order, wait for release or avoid altogether? – Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the Beta, I’m going to wait for the finished article and then pick up at Christmas.


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