Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Review

It was a sad day for myself when I lost interest in the Call of Duty franchise. Having been a huge fan and owning every game back from the original Call of Duty for Xbox 360, up until the hugely disappointing Advanced Warfare. I did not like the direction which Call of Duty were taking things, I missed the days where the game was a ‘proper shooter’ as opposed to the space crap they have now starting feeding us. In fact I was that disappointed with Advanced Warfare that I traded it in within the month! I caved in and bought Black Ops 3 upon its release however and tried my very best to enjoy, but it just couldn’t compare to the originals. 

So when Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was announced earlier this year, I was almost determined NOT to buy it however with the tease of Modern Warfare remastered set to be released with it as well, I was caught in two minds. But as I had done before, I gave into temptation and picked up the Call of Duty Legacy Edition and I must say, Infinite Warfare certainly did surprise me… 


For me this is definitely the best feature of the game. Again, with this being a ‘space game’, I was sceptical of what to expect, however I actually found the very enjoyable! It was almost the campaign and rich backstory I had always wanted for Titanfall. Upon completion of it I enjoyed it so much I was determined to go back and complete on Veteran difficulty. Visually, the campaign is stunning, some of the cutscenes look as if they are straight out of a movie! 


I used to love Call of Duty multiplayer, I used to put days’ worth of time into it, I think I was around 7th prestige on Call of Duty Black Ops! But with Infinite Warfare I can almost say for certain I will not be putting anywhere near that into this year’s instalment! It is basically just a carbon copy of last year’s Black Ops 3 multiplayer with new maps and some shiny space guns. I’ve only put a few hours in so far and I can’t see me putting much more in.


Again zombies is something which I put a number of hours into in the earlier CODs, but as the years have gone on and the games have become too futuristic for my liking, I haven’t enjoyed them that much. That being said, I think this year’s zombies is probably the best since its first arrival of the mode back in 2008 with World at War. Set in an 80’s style theme park, this edition feels as if it has gone back to its roots somewhat whilst still retaining some of the more recent feature such as power ups and perks.

Buy, wait for sale or avoid? Whilst this Call of Duty is one of the best in recent years, I would wait for this game to come down in price as there are better alternatives out there in my opinion *cough* Battlefield 1 *cough*

Rating: 6.9/10

Keep posted because my review of Modern Warfare Remastered will be coming soon!


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