Moana vs Frozen

Moana is Disney’s latest animated film feature and follows the story of the strong-willed Moana and how she finds herself. It is Disney’s 56th animated feature film and is produced by the same team who made Frozen and Zootropolis. 

Straight from the off you can see the similarities between Moana and Frozen, both films start showing the main character (well one of the main characters in Frozen’s case) as a child and shows how them first using their ‘magic’, in Moana’s case its controlling the ocean and in Elsa’s it’s cryokinetic magic. We also see in both films how both characters are discouraged to use their powers, and it is not until they are both older we see them using them to their full extent.

There are a load of obvious similarities between the two, for example both feature strong female lead characters, both have a number of magical elements throughout and both feature adorable sidekicks. The sidekicks are very alike as well, Olaf (Frozen) and the ‘stupid’ chicken Heihei (Moana) help contribute to the humour, whereas Sven (Frozen) and Pua (Moana) offer a more loyal and ‘sassy’ sidekick. 

Even the design of some of the characters show a clear likeness to those in Frozen, for example the Lava Monster in Moana looks like a not so distant cousin of the Snow Monster in Frozen! We have seen instances before in Disney films where they have recycled a certain section or design but Moana’s ‘copy’ of Frozen has taken this to a whole new level!

None the less, whilst there are a vast number of similarities between the two films, I still thoroughly enjoy both of these hits and look forward to watching them again in years to come. Be sure to check out my review of Moana posted yesterday!


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  1. Everyone welcome says:

    Moana and frozen are amazing films with great voices. ” i see whats happening here your face to face with greatness and its strange” thank you for sharing.

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