My Top 5 Video Games Of 2016

2016 has seen a plethora of games enter our collection and whilst there have been plenty of disappointments *cough* No Man’s Sky *cough*, there have also been some truly fantastic games enter our shelves. Here are my top 5 video games of 2016: 

5. The Division 

Now The Division is a game which I loved at the time, but if I’m being honest I’ve not picked it up since. This is a shame really because this is a fantastically detailed game. Regardless of me not playing it in a while, this still makes my top 5 for the simple reason that it gave me some great memories! Running round the Dark Zone with my buddies whilst stealing everyone’s loot is up there with one of my top gaming moments for the year. 

4. Pokemon Sun / Moon

Now I have been a Pokemon fan ever since I was a kid and year on year they have turned out a masterpiece in excellence. Each game has followed the same pattern and has pretty much been identical to a certain degree (switch up the types of Pokemon and change the names of the region and you have the formula). However Pokemon Sun & Moon break the mould, and yes whilst the standard Pokemon elements are ever present there is a certain ‘new’ feel to the latest game. Thankfully though, these new changes are a welcomed addition. The game as a whole is fantastically well crafted and I feel as if the objective has now become more about understanding the world of Pokemon as opposed to just becoming the strongest trainer. 

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 is the final instalment in the Uncharted franchise and follows Nathan Drake as he searches for clues for the location of Captain Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure to save his brother. The final instalment does not disappoint and it is no surprise that it won best PlayStation game of the year at the Golden Joystick Awards. The story is intoxicating and full of depth and the gameplay is a delight for players – you really don’t want the game to end. It is the perfect sign off to a fantastic series of games. 

2. Forza Horizon 3

Yet again, another Forza games makes my game of the year list and credit to Microsoft Studios because they just seem to get even better year on year! Initially I held back picking up Forza Horizon 3 as I was already busy playing a few other games and didn’t think I would get round to it, so when I eventually picked it up I managed to get it for fairly cheap. And boy should I have picked this up at release! This game is amazing! The attention to detail is world class and the game is so vast, I will no doubt be playing long into 2017. 

1. Battlefield 1

Not only the best game of the year, but Battlefield 1 is also the best Battlefield game to date. I loved how Battlefield went back to their roots and strayed from the modernised war we have been so used to of late. The high adrenaline rush of running through the streets of war torn Amiens whilst being chased by a tank is unmatched. I find myself sitting for hours playing through the numerous ‘Operations’, oblivious to what is going on outside of my room.

So there you have it, my top 5 video games of 2016 and I have no doubt that I will carry on playing these deep into 2017. Other notable mentions which narrowly missed the cut include Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2 and Far Cry Primal.


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