Today I bought…

…Star Wars Lego! 

Back in my review of Rogue One, I mentioned how I had such fond memories of recreating battles from the Star Wars films with my own Lego sets, and since I enjoyed Rogue One so much I was gave into temptation and picked up these sets!

Thanks to an Amazon voucher left over from Christmas and Amazon’s reasonable prices for Lego sets, I managed to pick up the both of these for less than £100! Sadly however, until I move out into my own house (hopefully within the next 12 months), I don’t have anywhere to put them once built.

Anyway, I’m sure they will look great in my man cave this time next year, for now I’ll just have to plan out my battles in my head!


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  1. Brooke P. says:

    My son would love this Star Wars set! It looks like a worthy addition to your collection.

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  2. blogpinner says:

    Thanks for like my blog

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