Today I bought…

…an iMac!

Yep, the spending continues! And this time it’s on probably my most expensive purchase ever!

For an absolute AGE I have longed to replace my now 10 year old laptop for a high powered replacement! I had been deliberating for the past couple of weeks on which machine to choose, and after several pros and cons lists were made and plotted onto my notice board, I finally settled on the mighty 27 inch iMac with 5K Retina display. 

Oh and how it is pretty – I can’t take my eyes of it’s crystal clear display! Finally I now have the capability to use photoshop, illustrator and now potentially look into app development, something which I had only dreamed of being able to do on my prehistoric laptop! 

I am sure I will be posting about my new shiny baby very soon, so be sure to follow and keep your eyes peeled!


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  1. Joss says:

    Ooh, wow! Lucky you, that thing looks beautiful!

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    1. chazzabrown says:

      She is!😍 I’ve banned myself from having drinks in my bedroom now because I’m too nervous!

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  2. The clarity on the monitor is epic! Well-deserved I think after waiting 10 years. Geez my laptops only last about 5!

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  3. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a mac for my writing/blogging but I’m having so much trouble justifying the cost! Let us know if you think the cost is worth it in the long hall!

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    1. chazzabrown says:

      So far I’m absolutely loving it, but yes I will be posting an update sooner or later of my thoughts!

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  4. Wow! I wanna buy one tooooooo!!!

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  5. aviyacarmen says:

    It’s a lovely machine! I had one for a few weeks in March and absolutely loved it! Had to part with it though because I travel too much and it was too big to be lugged on to flights. Enjoy it!

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      1. aviyacarmen says:

        Forgot to mention that I swapped to a Macbook pro, which is just as awesome, except for the speakers. 🙂

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