Kong: Skull Island Review

So it took me 2 months and 22 days but last week I finally made my first trip to the cinema of the year. Poor I know, and there are still several films I need to catch up and watch that I have missed! The first film of the year for me took the shape of Kong: Skull Island. Kong: Skull Island is the latest venture into the world of the mighty King Kong and features an impressive cast including stars such as Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson and John Goodman.
First of all, lets start off with the star studded cast. I’m a big fan of Tom Hiddleston and it was great to see him in a role as the hero and not the villain, which he often is within the Marvel universe. This is definitely one of his best performances to date and he manages to steal the limelight from Kong himself with a first class acting performance. Samuel L Jackson and the rest of the usual suspects put in great performances as well but it was the talented Thomas Mann, best known for his performance as Thomas Kubb in Project X, who really stood out for me. Mann played Reg Slivko a warrant officer of the Sky Devils and whilst he isn’t considered a main character, his performance was definitely a promising one.
Now, onto the big man! For me Kong seemed to lack presence and fear which Kong in the 2005 movie brought to the screen. Whilst his physical power and strength are exhibited from the off, I felt it only took an instant for the characters to get used to the idea of the giant ape. As disappointed as I was with how timid Kong was, some of the fight scenes with him were fittingly ‘monster’ especially towards the end of the film. The final scene where Kong battles against the Alpha Skullcrawler is a colossal captivating feast for the eyes and sets up a mouthwatering spectacle for Kong vs Godzilla in the future.
The plot to Kong: Skull Island is sadly somewhat flat all the way through. It starts off fantastic, jumping straight into the action with a zippy fast pace. Sadly however, this fast pace seems to continue throughout and the film seems to breeze by without a whole lot happening. This is particularly annoying in regards to character development, there are only one or two lead roles who actually have a lot of the focus on them. Whilst the 118 minute run time would suggest that this isn’t a short film, it sure does feel as if we only got to see a slither of what Skull Island has to offer.
Go and watch, wait for the DVD or avoid altogether? – Kong: Skull Island is a great journey back into the world of King Kong and definitely one I will be picking up on Blu Ray when it’s released, despite its small flaws. Go and watch!
Rating: 7.2/10


So yesterday my girlfriend and I completed our first 5 kilometre run in a time of 30 minutes and 45 seconds. This was just 45 seconds over our target time, but we were very happy nonetheless and this now gives us a time to beat for our next run!

The run itself was surprisingly enjoyable, it was only until the last kilometre that I actually found myself struggling! I am already looking forward to our next run and intend to aim to complete a couple of runs a week on a regular basis.

Not only was this run a boost for our fitness and a great experience, but we also managed to raise over £100 between us for the stroke association!

Here’s to the next 5K!

4 days to go…

Just 4 days left now until I run my first 5K for charity and I couldn’t be more excited! 

On Sunday, my girlfriend and I got in our first practice for our 5K which we are running on Sunday 12th March for the Stroke Association. We took things easy and managed to complete 2K in a time of 12 minutes and 6 seconds. We both found this not too difficult to complete and this made us feel a lot more confident about completing the full 5K.

Disappointingly, on Monday we did not go for a run and similarly yesterday we only got chance to complete a 3K walk. We have however planned to complete at least another 2K this evening and hopefully maintain some form of routine over the next couple of days before competing the big one on Sunday.

We have set a target of completing the 5K in under 30 minutes, and hopefully this will spark the beginning of our running careers!

Also on a side note, as today is International Women’s Day I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful girlfriend for absolutely everything she does, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Plus she cooks a mean curry!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Film Review

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a 2016 dark fantasy film directed by Tim Burton, based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs. As the title suggests, this is a very peculiar film! This would not have been my first choice for a Saturday night film, but my little sister begged and begged until eventually I obliged.

The story follows Jake (Asa Butterfield) and his journeys through alternate times and realities. Jake eventually discovers the secret refuge known as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Jake then discovers his own unusual ability and gets dragged into saving earth with the rest of the peculiars from the evil Mr Barron (Samuel L Jackson).

This film takes some getting into, for the first hour or so I struggled to enjoy it as I felt as if it was a poor copy of the X-Men to a certain degree – outcast characters with unique abilities in a home together sounds familiar no? Once you get past the slow start however, the film really does pick up and the excitement does begin. The ‘hollows’ who are disfigured peculiars are frighteningly menacing and 10 years ago they would have given me nightmares for days! As well as the scary villains, you really do feel immersed in the world of the peculiars, and start to piece things together in your head as the plot thickens. The cast is also fantastic, Asa Butterfield was faultless and looks to be a hugely promising actor.

What bothers me about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is how disjointed it can feel. There are times when you think you have just about grasped the plot, but then all of a sudden it goes off onto another tangent and you are left feeling very confused. Another nag I have is the ending to the film, there was a huge build up so I was expecting an explosive finale, however it was an extremely disappointing anti-climax.

To buy or not to buy? – If you are a science fiction fan or just looking for change from the generic ‘kids’ films of late then this is definitely worth a watch. On a side note, this strikes me as one of those kind of films which the book is a great read so I am going to pick up the book soon and I’m sure I will have a review coming soon!

Rating: 6.5/10

Check out the movie here – http://amzn.to/2mhEUiY

Check out the book here – http://amzn.to/2lSfs04

Taking a stab at YouTube

As you may have noticed, a lot of my posts are video game related and for years I have longed to set up my own YouTube channel showcasing my best gaming moments. And since I finally got my magnificent iMac I can now finally enter the world of YouTube!

Currently my channel consists of 5 videos, 4 of them simply being gameplay and the latest video, posted earlier today, is a general introduction to the channel. I have big plans for my channel and I’m hoping it can be as successful and as enjoyable as blogging has been. Don’t fear however, I am still 100% committed to blogging!

I need 100 subscribers to change my YouTube URL, and this needs to happen ASAP as I am stuck with the embarrassing name I created back when I was 13! I would hugely appreciate if you could check out my channel and subscribe – https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSupernood.

That’s all for now folks!


7 days to train for a 5K?!

Whilst this would probably be no problem for the Average Joe, months of beer guzzling and pizza eating have not left me in good stead to run this 5K next Sunday! 

Me and my girlfriend decided that if we signed up for an impromptu 5K, this would help motivate us to keep active and healthy – this is the theory anyway! 

Not only are we doing this for fitness purposes but we are also doing this to help raise money for the Stroke Association. Both of us know someone who has been effected by stroke in one way or another, or have had someone in our own families suffer.

Tomorrow we are aiming to complete a 2K run as starter for ourtraining. I will be posting updates later in the week so check back soon to see how we are getting on!