Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildands Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest instalment in the Tom Clancy series and it is the first Ghost Recon game to feature an open world environment. The game is based in Bolivia and the story follows an elite squadron of ‘Ghosts’ who set out to put a stop to the increasingly growing drug gang, known as Santa Blanca.

I really couldn’t decide on whether I was going to pick Ghost Recon Wildlands immediately upon its release, but in eventually I gave in. I can’t count the amount of times in recent years where I have picked up an open world shooter and forgotten about 2 months down the line. However, Ghost Recon Wildlands could be the curve in that trend!
First of all, lets start with the humongous open world. Decorated with mountains, forests, deserts and salt flats, it really is a hugely fun environment to explore.  Whilst the environment doesn’t exactly stand out visually as anything amazing, the changing weather and day / night cycle is a great feature and can massively add to the thrills when completing various missions. There is plenty to do across the map, from chasing down enemy supply trucks to capturing enemy outposts, the longevity of the game is huge.
The gameplay is great too, Ubisoft have seemingly took the best bits from The Division and Rainbow Six Seige’s gameplay and combined them into Ghost Recon Wildlands. The amount of customisations available to your character and the vast array of weapons on offer mean that no two characters in the game are the same. The vehicles in the game are somewhat poor however, whilst there are 60 different vehicles on offer to the player, a lot of these vehicles are too similar and lack variation. Don’t even get me started on the appalling driving controls!
Undoubtedly though, the best feature of Wildlands is deciding on your play style. This may sound odd and down to the player rather than the game, however the missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands really do make you stop think about how to plan your next attack and focus on what type of playing style you are going to adopt. For example, I have set my playing difficulty to ‘extreme’ difficulty as I really wanted the full experience of the game. With the ‘extreme’ difficulty comes huge challenges, the enemies are extremely vigilant and a lot more powerful so I have had to approach missions with a much more stealth focused approach. This leads to great satisfaction when you successfully complete a mission unscathed, without a single enemy knowing you were even there.
Buy, wait for sale or avoid: If you are a video game lover who enjoys tactical shooters then I would highly recommend this triumph.

Rating: 7.9

You can pick up Ghost Recon Wildlands here –

Be sure to check out gameplay from Ghost Recon Wildlands on my YouTube channel here –


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