POPINABOX #1 April 2017

Pop vinyls have become one of the most popular collectibles in recent years. These brilliantly detailed bobbleheads are Funko’s best selling product and rightfully so, with characters from Star Wars, Marvel and Disney to name but a few, there is a pop vinyl out there for everyone! 

I’d been wanting to grow my collection for a while, so I decided to sign up for a POPINABOX subscription. For those of you that don’t know, POPINABOX is basically a subscription service where you get sent mystery Pops to your door every month! I opted for the 3 pops per month subscription which worked out at Β£8.39 per pop, which isn’t bad considering one would usually sets you back around Β£9.99.

I couldn’t have been anymore excited for receiving my first subscription if I had tried! The first character I unboxed was the fantastically detailed Dug from the movie Up! The detailing is fantastic and he even has a slightly furry feel almost as if he has actual fur!

The second pop I unboxed was the German Shepherd pop from the ‘pets’ collection. I love German Shepherds and when I eventually get my house I intend to get a real life one as a pet, but I guess this will do for now! The detailing on this figure is great, maybe not as good as Dug, however a gorgeous pop nonetheless.

The third and final pop vinyl from April’s delivery was the funky looking Napoleon Dynamite, from the film Napoleon Dynamite (obviously). This pop looks just like the real character and even comes equipped with the classic ‘Vote for Pedro’ t-shirt. 

Pop Ratings:

Dug – 4.5/5

German Shepherd – 4/5

Napoleon Dynamite – 4.5/5

So overall not a bad first months subscription to the POPINABOX service and I’m looking forward to the next delivery already! If you want expand your own collection with POPINABOX, use code SUPERNOOD-R1 at the checkout for a discount! 

Check out my unboxing video here – https://youtu.be/_MYD1qsWas4


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