POPINABOX #2 May 2017

After a great first months subscription to Popinabox in April, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Mays delivery! The trio of Pop Vinyls arrived midway through the month and I have to be honest, it was a disappointing selection!

The first Pop which I had been sent in May’s delivery was Uncle Rico from the film Napoleon Dynamite, a Pop which I had marked as one I wanted on the Popinabox website. The design is great and mirrors that of Uncle Rico in the film, and to make things even better it goes perfectly with my Napoleon Dynamite figure.


The second Pop from May’s delivery was Holden from the American Horror Story Hotel series. Having never watched American Horror Story or ever had the inkling to watch it, I feel as if this Pop was wasted on me. That said, the figure does look great and the blood around the mouth really sets it apart.IMG_1768

The third and final Pop for May was Sarah Manning from the Orphan Black TV series. Again, similarly with AHS, Orphan Black is a show I have never watched so I didn’t really have any idea who she is! The Pop itself is fairly standard, it has good detailing but there is nothing which really sets it apart from other figures!


Pop Ratings:

Uncle Rico – 3.5/5

Holden – 4/5

Sarah Manning – 2.5/10


So not the best of months for May’s delivery but hopefully we will have a much better delivery for June! If you want expand your own collection with POPINABOX, use code SUPERNOOD-R1 at the checkout for a discount!


7 thoughts on “POPINABOX #2 May 2017

  1. David

    I thought they sent ones from the ones you want rather than random ones, as I’ve been considering doing this but at present found I can get the ones I want cheaper from a store in the US.

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    1. Most of the time they do send the ones you want, I think it just depends on stock etc. However if you’re sent some which you aren’t happy with, you can send them back and they will replace them for ones you do want, free of charge! 😁


  2. I have found my subscription becoming more and more random. I’m also trying to get some of the older ones and they never have them in stock. My subscription is hanging by a thread at the moment! I guess if you are new and you are interested in the current ones it’s a great way to do it. PS thanks for the idea I may do some Pop blogs too. Great review!

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    1. Yeah definitely! I didn’t have too many Pops in my collection when I started out and there were so many different ones I wanted, it was a great way to build my collection whilst still maintaining that element of surprise!


  3. This was really cute. I’ve never really been into Pop in Box. I see these all over the place but I have no interest. Then again I love Marvel heroes. I might be into those.

    Hope things are going well for you. I hope footy is keeping you busy and distracted from the unpleasant happenings in life. On that note… please read my latest post – Unique Blogger Award. I gave you a nod and I hope it makes you smile.



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