Challenge: Burn 31,000 calories in May – UPDATE

We’re over halfway through May and over halfway through my challenge of burning 31,000 calories through the calendar month of May. After a decent start to the month where I went on a few lengthy bike rides and dog walks, my activity did being to tail off up until last week.

As of yesterday (19th May), to be on target with my goal of 31,000 calories burnt by the end of the month, I should have burnt 19,000 calories. Now, I’m some way off where I should be, some 4,726 calories to be precise, but that being said, I’ve just come back from a pretty active few days in Scotland and it’s inspired me to really push on with my challenge and achieve my calorie goal.

Thus far in May (as of yesterday), I’ve burnt 14,274 calories, meaning I have 16,726 calories left to burn in the 12 days which remain in May. This equates to burning approximately 1,394 calories per day, a number which I have only surpassed once so far in the month of May. It’s going to be easy and I do really need to commit to planning some big workouts to hit the target, but the added challenge is all part of the fun!

If we look at my stats so far in the month of May, undoubtedly my best day for calories burnt was the 17th May which unsurprisingly, was the day I climbed the Scottish mountain of Ben Vrackie! Ben Vrackie is an 841m tall mountain located north of the town of Pitlochry and took around 2 and a half hours for us to complete. Despite not taking a hugely significant amount of time to complete, the final half an hour climbing Ben Vrackie is outrageously steep and this steep incline definitely helped contribute to burning many calories!

My worst day in May for burning calories was the 13th May, burning only 306 calories, closely followed by the 9th May, where I burnt a meagre 378 calories. In fairness, on the 13th my Apple Watch did decide to run out of battery half way through the day, although this was partially my fault for not charging it properly the night before! Regardless, it’s somewhat disappointing that I’ve only burnt over 1,000 calories on 4 out of the 19 days, with 3 of which coming when I was adventuring in Scotland. 

If I’m to reach my target of burning 31,000 calories by the end of May, then there’s nothing else I can do other than pull my finger out and get exercising! 

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