How in God’s name are we in March already! It’s been around 4 months since my last blog post and that’s due to the craziest of months I have had!

Over the past 4 months I have been busy with the following:

• Celebrated my 21st Birthday

• Visited Dublin

• Started a new job

• Moved out of my house

• Visited Disneyland Paris

• Moved back into my house

• Christmas and New Year festivities

• Celebrated my friends 21st birthday

• Visited Thailand

• Celebrated my girlfriends 21st birthday

As you can see the past couple of months have been hectic to say the least so blogging sadly went down the priority list, never the less I’m back now and eager to report on my trips!

Also, the challenge of £5,000 in 4 months didn’t go quite to plan, however it was definitely a good starting point in helping me save more money. I will probably be doing a similar (more realistic) challenge in the coming months so keep posted!


£5,000 in 4 months: November Update

I’m going to jump into it and just say it, £5,000 in 4 months is not going to happen, especially after this month’s performance. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much I’ve saved but here goes… since the beginning of October I have managed to save a grand total of £38.26.

Here’s the breakdown:

£10 loose change I found in my room

£12.51 from completing surveys

£12.83 from selling an old Xbox game

£2.92 savings left over from October’s salary

Yep not exactly the £1,250 which was need this month to reach that goal of £5,000, however October was a fairly productive month by all accounts.

I have a brand new job which I started today which is on a slightly higher salary than my old job which means hopefully I will be able to save more than £2.92 from my salary.

I’ve created a neat looking spreadsheet so I can document all my earnings and spending’s and keep on top of what is actually going out – an attempt to limit impulse purchases!

I have started collecting any further loose change in a money box which I am going to open come February (and I know there is roughly around £20 in there currently so hopefully this figure will increase)!

I also have a few good leads on a possible part time role doing some hours over the Christmas period!

So overall, not a great month in terms of savings however there have been some great revelations which will hopefully see a lot more being saved in the coming months!


So it’s finally here, the grand old age of 21. I have had a wonderful day and been spoilt beyond my wildest imagination, maybe growing old isn’t so bad after all!

After a fun day yesterday of Halloween games and films, it was an early start today as my excitement took over like the big kid I am! I have been well and truly spoiled my amazing family and girlfriend – I have a trip around Europe next year to look forward to and enough cash to own a Ferrari (at least for an hour or two!). 

In traditional Charlie Brown style I spent the day playing Laser Quest before having all you can eat pizza for lunch – big kid indeed!

I’m off to Dublin tomorrow for 2 nights and the celebrations don’t stop there as I’m having a family/friends party on Saturday night – yep I’m really milking this!

So I guess being 21 isn’t so bad after all!

Midlife Crisis

So in less than one month, I turn the grand old age of 21 and if I’m being honest I’m having an early midlife crisis! Okay midlife crisis may be a bit extreme, but I feel as if I’m putting so much pressure on myself to do so much in so little time – see previous post for an example!

Anyway, aside from my ‘quarter life’ crisis, I have decided to do a Q&A as a bit of fun leading up to my birthday, so if you have any questions whatsoever, fire away! I’ll look to answer every question and keep your eyes peeled for the post which will be coming in the coming weeks!

I also want to hear from you, what did you do for your 21st birthday? In my opinion a 21st birthday is no bigger than any other birthday (in the UK at least), however in recent times a 21st birthday has increasingly grown bigger and bigger. Other than a couple of nights away in Dublin I don’t really have anything planned so I want some inspiration to what I can do!

Let me know what you did for your 21st birthday and what random facts about me you’d like to know! Whether you want to know my shoe size or my favourite Disney character, feel free to ask ANYTHING!

£5,000 in 4 months?!

Today is the 1st of October. I need roughly £5,000 in savings by the 1st February. Yup I’m screwed! Due to a certain someone’s 21st birthday and having booked a trip to Thailand, its safe to say I need to be saving as best as I can these next couple of months! 

Currently, I work Monday to Friday 9 to 5 in an office job. My wage from this is already pretty stretched out to cover my expenses, petrol, food etc so it’s unlikely I will be able to save any significant amount from this. This means I am going to have to find alternative methods to earn £5,000 in exactly 4 months!

This means I have to be earning £1,250 a month, on top of working full time! It looks to be a damn near impossible task, however I am fully determined and that’s why I am going to document everything and update you guys on a monthly basis to ensure I am on track.

So far, I’ve looked into a possible part time evening job, doing some freelance writing and doing car boot sales, but is there anything else you guys can think of which I could do to earn a bit of extra cash and make those cocktails on the beach in Thailand that little bit sweeter?! Let me know in the comments!

Winter is coming…

…well we have to get through Autumn first Jon Snow but you’re not wrong! Autumn and Winter are my favourite of the seasons by a country mile, partly because I cannot cope when the weather is too warm! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy holidays in the sun, but they are a different kind of sun to what we get here in the UK.

Already the days are getting shorter and the temperature a lot cooler and summer feels like a distant memory. I can’t wait for hot chocolates, long winter walks and all of the festivities that are to come. I think that’s what makes Autumn/Winter so special – the amount of holidays there are! There’s Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and if you’re American, Thanksgiving too.

Halloween is also the day before my birthday so that always used to add to the excitement surrounding my birthday so I’m a huge fan of Halloween! I’m a bit too old to go trick or treating nowadays, but I’m still planning on playing lots of Halloween themed games with my sister and watching scary movies!


I always tend to have a holiday booked around Christmas time as well, this year it’s Disneyland Paris and I’m super excited for it this time around!

The films are so much better in Autumn/Winter as well! Yes you get your Summer blockbuster movies at the cinema but for me you just don’t have those staple films that get you excited for Summer. In Winter you obviously have all of the Christmas classics, Elf, Love Actually to name a few and that’s why for me it’s such an exciting season.


Now I know Autumn/Winter isnt perfect, I’ve already noticed a mass increase of spiders and moths creeping into the house and I’ve definitely taken for granted not having to defrost the car the past couple of weeks! But for me Autumn and Winter are definitely the best seasons of the year!

Are you a Summer lover or a Winter wonderer? Let me know in the comments!

Why Normandy is a History Lovers Paradise – Part 2

One of the best war sites to visit in Normandy is Pointe Du Hoc, located about 45 minutes away from the coastal town of Arromanches which we were staying in. Pointe Du Hoc is a lookout, which was used by German forces during the D-Day landings and now comprises of remaining part-destroyed turrets and bunkers. Pointe Du Hoc was initially the intended location for the opening beach-storming sequence to Saving Private Ryan, however they opted for Omaha beach instead.

There is so much to explore at Pointe Du Hoc, from the giant craters which have scarred the landscape to the numerous bunkers dotted around. Some of the bunkers are amazingly still well intact and can be explored – just remember to take a torch! There is a nice memorial as well located on the very edge of one of the cliffs which really does looking striking, backing onto the sea behind it.


It’s not only World War 2 history which Normandy has in abundance, Bayeux is home to one of the oldest (and possibly longest?!) stories in the world! Bayeux is of course home to the famous Bayeux tapestry, an embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres long, depicting the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England and the Battle of Hastings. This was something I definitely wanted to see whilst I had the opportunity and it was a fantastic experience.

You get given headphones to listen to as you walk around the tapestry, and honestly, the story is so immersive! The tapestry itself is magnificent and is in pristine condition considering how old it is! Sadly you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the Bayeux tapestry, as the flashes could hasten degradation of the cloth.

Bayeux itself is a beautiful city with a lot of history, evident in the magnificent cathedral, watermills and old cobbled streets. It was lovely sitting out in the sun enjoying a beer watching the day go by without a care in the world.

Normandy has so much more to offer than just cider and cheese, and as you can tell, you’ll come back well educated! Have you visited Normandy before? Let me know in the comments!